Why Should We Never Force Positive Attitude on Ourself?

stay positive

Sure it’s always better to be positive person rather than negative. But if you make it your propaganda then it’s surly gonna backfire. You see, positivity is mental state. You can’t force positivity in you. Because in that way you never truly stay positive for long time.
Usually people come out with this zeal to be positive in a way that’s not genuine and heartfelt. And suffer its consequences.

Making “Be positive,” your motto is never a good idea. It’s only bring delusional sincerity in you. Which lead you to bad experiences. Then ultimately you give up heartbroken with completely losing faith in positive attitude. Which is worst than not trying to change yourself.

There is nothing wrong in feeling negative emotions. In fact it’s negativity which brings meaning to positive attitude. In this world there is no such person exist who is 100% positive.

stay positive

If you truly want to become positive person then don’t pressure yourself to become one. Also it’s okay to be skeptical about whole positive personality thing. In fact more you question it is better. You shouldn’t be following it blindly. Let it prove itself to you. So start with becoming more vigilant. Observe all events occurring around you closely. See for yourself how future unfolds for you with different attitude approaches. But make sure you always stay the way you feel most comfortable.

It’s true; Becoming positive person is long process but it’s worth it. In life best thing are always hard to get. And it’s not like here you have any plane to catch. So go easy. You don’t have to work hard on this; In fact in this whole process, the more relax you stay, the more quickly you gonna notice results.

Sure there are lots of other ways to become positive person or to stay positive in every situation, but honestly I find this method most effective.

Let positivity come to you by itself. And once it did then it gonna stay with you forever.

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