Why should We Need to Stay Active Everyday?

Stay Active

Everyday more and more young people facing heath issues like obesity, insomnia, diabetes, etc. All this is happening because, people are becoming more and more lazy and reluctant to workout.

When we stay active our body functions optimally. People who don’t exercise at all struggled the most to stay awake during daytime activities, like eating or driving. Our body needs to sleep just like it needs to consume and it needs to move. Sleep, activity, diet they all support each other as three important pillars of health.

Too much daily sitting can lead to a number of major health consequences, including heart diseases and depression. Less sitting is always better, no matter how little you’re doing. It doesn’t need to be exercise, it can be something as simple as standing at your desk when you take your next phone call, or walking down the hall to talk to your coworker instead of sending that email.

Stay Active

This led you to sleep better. People who sleep better report exercising more, and people who exercise tend to sleep better. We know that life is very busy for many people. They’re not getting enough sleep and they’re also not getting enough exercise. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spend little time for your health.

Today out of every 1,000 people, 48 percent people do light physical activity regularly, 25 percent consider themselves moderately active and 18 percent prefer to get regular vigorous exercise, leaving 9 percent who don’t perform any physical activity at all.

Usually vigorous exercisers have the best sleep; with just 17 percent experiences their overall sleep quality was fairly or very bad. Nearly half of the non-exercisers, on the other hand, get fairly or very bad sleep. However, even light exercisers were better off than those getting no activity, because only 24 percent of such people usually have fairly or very bad sleep.

So it’s better for everyone to stay active as much as possible. At least try to get some physical exercise, even small amount of it is better than none. Because it’s return on investment is the best.

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