Why Relationships Matters So Much?

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lil kim sexy nude Like it or not deep down we all want to stay in relationship. Sure sometime your companion or spouse make your life unbearable, but in the end of the day you wants to be with them. That’s why we always try to stay positive and work on our relationships so hard. But..

here Why relationships matters so much?

purchase Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 And why we are talking about it today?

online casino gambling legal south africa Because you can’t become truly positive person by avoiding being in relationship.

To prove my point let’s take an example.

In 1938 The Harvard Study of Adult Development started a research. They took 724 men and divided them in different groups. One such group was sophomores at Harvard when the study began; a second group lived in Boston’s poorest neighborhoods, many of them were tenements. Presently about 60 of the original 724 men, are still alive, most in their 90s, but still they are participating in the study.

This research is still continues to today’s date. In every two years, those men are contacted by researchers, who asked them questions regarding their lives, their problems, their hopes and dreams. Including that these people time to time goes through health test like brain scans and blood tests.

Stay positive

In few more years this research will be complete. The researcher has already shared some of their partial finding with public. It says that the single most important thing you can do to age well physically is to avoid smoking; that aging liberals had longer and more active sex lives than conservatives; that alcohol was the primary cause of divorce among men in the study, and that alcohol abuse often preceded depression, not the other way around.

Sure the research doesn’t say or proved that a happier relationship gives better health and life. But those finding definitely points that, people who are happier and healthier are more likely to live in and maintain good relationships, while those struggling with health problems are more likely end up loner and depressed. So probably converse for it also has to be true.

Still, this research is not complete yet, and the conclusions made are from incomplete data. However that doesn’t mean we should completely ignore it.

In the end we can’t possibly enjoy happiness and moments in our lives, if we don’t share it with someone. And we don’t need any research to tell us that.

So stay with your loved one!! Stay positive !!!

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