Why only Few People are Optimist?

new hopes

Oscar Wilde once said, “The difference between an optimist and a pessimist is that the optimist sees the donut, the pessimist the hole.”

So if you have to choose, who would you pick to work with or hang out with, someone who lightens up the day and finds new hopes, or someone who habitually complains and like to find holes?

The answer is obvious; everyone wants to be with positive person. Because more positive approach fuels more positive results. It energizes, broadens opportunities, uncovers solutions and best of all, makes you feel a lot better.

But more important question is why only few people become optimist while other remains pessimist?

The answer lies in history of human evolution. We humans are born with a default to find the negativity. It’s a survival instinct, the reason our species is still around. We survived because of a well-developed impulse to look out for trouble. Though, today it’s no longer life-or-death situation any more, the negative nature is still planted in us, so we practice it with great deal.

new hopes

That’s why every day we go through great emotional turmoil. Most of the mood dance is out of our consciousness. Like usually our good mood start in the morning and rises to a peak throughout the day, then weakens at night. Mood is better the more energy and alertness we have.

Researchers have found that positive emotions can dramatically improves the decisions we make, the opportunities we pursue or not, the people we connect with or don’t, the work-life balance we feel we’re achieving. So it’s better to be positive person than negative one.

Though you can’t completely remove pessimism from yourself. You can control it at some what level. But for that you need to practice optimism. For starter start hanging out with that optimistic donut guy, we mentioned earlier. Sure he will guide you.

So be positive and surely you will find new hopes !!!

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