Why Me? Question For Every Loneliness and Depression

watch severe loneliness and depression

https://sexcompilations.com/gorgeous-milf-nude/ No matter how many times I come to this topic, I still don’t feel that I have said enough about it. I feel like severe loneliness and depression are the Demogorgon of this world and everything they touch ultimately get ruined.

https://www.mycomputererror.com/corel-motion-studio-3d-discount-tw57yefq86/ Even though I know the answer, I still like to ask you, “Have you ever had the experience of feeling lonely?”

Now just be clear I am not talking about Friday night loneliness, I am talking about, like the one where there is no one around and no one to talk to you, as you feel like you are drowning into a state of sadness, hopelessness, and anxiety that you fear you will never get over? Like it is the end of you.  If you having such feelings or experiences on regular basis, trust me, you are far from regular alone.

severe loneliness and depression

So far we know that loneliness and depression are one of the most common, if unpleasant emotions that thousands of people experience everyday. For some, it may be a regular passing emotion. For others, it’s a recurring sense of despair and sadness. But for all of us, it is inevitable part of being human.

Loneliness and depression can lead to excessive drinking, irregular eating disorder and occasionally showcasing violent behavior, just to suppress those unpleasant feelings. And no matter how much all those movies and TV shows present this behavior is cool, but mind well, in reality it’s not.

But all this strange behavior, helplessness, even your loneliness and depression itself circles around one question, “Why me?”

Why all this happening to me?

Why I am only to suffer?

What I have ever done to deserve this?

Trust me you are not alone. I know it’s not gonna make your problems go way but today world is full of people like you. In fact current status shows every third person in world is going through severe loneliness and depression.

So just keep hold of yourself little longer.

Remember no matter how dreadful your Demogorgon looks now. In the end of the day he is in your territory. So sooner or later you are gonna win over him. It’s just a matter of time.

Stay strong!! Stay smiling!!!

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