What is Our True Purpose in Life?

purpose in life

We all have heard about importance of goals in life through our parent, teachers, friends, motivational speakers, etc. In fact there is no other topic which get stress enough than “finding purpose in life” does.

Sure life goals are important. Those truly define our purpose in life. But real question is, how much?

Usually people’s life goals are to get rich or to have a luxurious life or become celebrity or something like that.

Sure, there is nothing wrong in having those dreams. But the real question is, are those their true purpose in life? And if so, then is that all, they want from life?

If our life goal is just a misunderstanding in reality or not really meant for us, it often leads to discomfort and hence leading to depression, sadness, anger – and all this multiplies and ultimately expand our miseries.

So what is the best approach to live life?

purpose in life

The answer is simple. Our life goal should be, finding happiness in life. We should be working on finding joys in small things, learning to live in the moment, making every day memorable.

Because in life, not everything we do or pursue is important. So don’t be distracted or sell yourself short by enticements and blandishments that have no lasting value.

But at the same time, be careful of rationalizations. Be true to yourself or you may lose track of your true goals by laziness, fear, vanity, or misplaced priorities.

Live the life you really want to live instead of following the easy path or the path others want you to take. You are not alone. Join forces with others who share your values and goals. Seek out help and assistance in your journey of life. Allow others to help you. Draw and learn from them. There is power in synergy. Life is not a “do it yourself” project.

One’s true purpose in life should be to give their best shot at the present moment and the goals will be achieved automatically.

In the end, regardless we achieve our goals or not, we can always say, I did my level best and I am truly happy with it.”

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