What is Mean by ‘Stay Positive’?

Stay Positive

“It makes a big difference in your life when you stay positive.”― Ellen DeGeneres

I am sure this is not the first time, you have heard something like that. People always praise and crave to stay positive. But very few succeed in implementing it in real life.

But what exactly ‘stay positive’ means?

Surprisingly, very few people know the answer. And because of that many people fail to succeed in it.

In order to understand what ‘stay positive’ means? First, one should know, what positive thinking means?

As per the Oxford dictionary positive thinking means, “The practice or result of concentrating one’s mind affirmatively on the good and constructive aspects of a matter so as to eliminate negative or destructive attitudes and emotions”.

In simpler word, positive thinking is, having a positive future vision, no matter how bad your current circumstances are.

And practicing positive thinking in real world is get called ‘staying positive’.

To make it easier to understand let’s see some of the aspects of staying positive attitude.

Staying positive means facing problems with smile.

Finding happiness in little things.

Trying to stay friendly with everyone.

Stay Positive

Encouraging others with a positive word.

Being happy for someone else’s success.

Using the power of a smile to reverse the tone of a situation.

Always choosing relationships over other material gains.

Leaving selfish nature behind forever.

Trying to enjoy every moment of life.

Never giving up on new hope.

Smiling, lots of smiling.

Always being true to yourself.

Well, sure it doesn’t cover the whole thing. But I guess you get the point. No doubt lots of those things sound childish and impractical. But remember, ideal positive attitude have the power to change your world for the best, like you never ever imagine of.

In the end choice is yours.

Stay positive ! Stay smiling !!

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