Stay Active like a Lazy Person

Stay Active

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”  Bill Gates

When you read something like that, you question yourself, “is this for real?”

Don’t be a fool! Seating like a useless bum not gonna get you anywhere in life. But so does the random activeness.

So stay active like a lazy person.

There is a fine line between activeness and laziness. If you follow it, you will become so much productive like never before.

Only few people, who we usually misjudge for being lazy, know it. And time to time they astonish us with results.

But in reality, all they do is perform maximum work with minimum efforts.

To see how they do it, let’s see “how thought cycle of smart lazy person works”.

1. Before starting any work they like to take a nap

They feel a good nap is a best tonic for all the problems. So they like to take at least 30 minutes nap before they start to work. Also they become really productive after a quick power nap and get work down in half a time compares to regular person takes.

2. They always focus on finding an easy alternative for everything

Stay Active

Usually these people are really good at Multitasking. They like to find all possible shortcuts and byheart them. With this constant habit, they become extremely efficient in problem solving and learning new things. That’s why, when it comes to being creative, you’ll be surprised to see, how quickly these people find new better solutions to any sorts of problem. Because of that many times they come up with some great business ideas.

3. While doing work, they try to stay stress free as much as possible

These peoples are perfectly aware of their strengths and weaknesses. That’s why they always plan their work according to it and stay active only when it’s necessary. Because of that, they effectively handle things to the extreme levels. One way or another, they always find access to smartest applications, tools, products, technologies, ideas to do things at the last minute and never be late.

So now you know why bill gates is preferring lazy person over regular people. Because unknowingly their laziness ends up saving a lots of time and energy for them and others.

So stay lazy! stay efficient !!!

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