Positive People vs Negative People

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Base on people’s perception about world and themselves, there are two types of people. Positive people and negative are these two types. The quickest way two identify your type, is by identifying types of people you live with. Because usually, we stay positive when we are with positive people and we becomes negative when we start hanging out with negative people. To make it easier for you, let’s see how these people react in different situation.

1. Dealing with failure

Negative people quickly take failure to their hearts. In fact they give up just too easily. But positive people shows great sportsmanship when they encounter failure. They accept it open heartedly and try to learn from it.

2. While pursuing a difficult task

Negative people don’t like to stay active for long time. That’s why they always prefer the easy way out. Instead of finding ways to complete the task, they prefer to criticize about existing situation. On the contrary positive people love’s to work on new tasks. They always try to give their best effort, regardless of the situation. For them all that matters is that, they are doing something constructive and meaningful.

3. Socializing

Stay Positive

Most of the time negative people don’t like to welcome new information, if it contradicts what they believe. They always like to carry them self as know it all person. They are always more concern about who is right instead of what’s right. On the other hand positive people always welcome others opinion. They always gives serious thoughts to any criticism made towards them and try to improve them self. They believe that nobody is perfect but at least we can try to become one.


Positive people spread positivity around them. They encourage people to do well with their respective tasks and complement them when they succeed. They help people to stay positive and to find new hopes.

On other side, negative people prefer to tear people down to make themselves feel good. They instantly become jealous and threatened when they hears about others success. To negative people, when others succeed it means they are failing.

With positive people you grow to succeed in life. With negative people you fall down with despair and depression.

So choose your friends wisely.

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