Lazy Person vs Active Person

stay activeIn this world each person lives life either by being lazy or by staying active. No doubt, both ways have their pros and cons. But in the end, with both ways one can do great things in life.

But before we get there, let’s understand the terms, lazy person and active person.

A lazy person is, well, lazy. There is not much to say. These people generally like to live a sedentary lifestyle. They live each day very casually without any stress. They really don’t care about others opinion about them and mind their own business.

The active person is the exact opposite of lazy person. These types of people are always energetic and ready to perform. They don’t like to seat back and waste time by doing nothing. An active person is always motivated and dedicated to its work. These people always try to stay active and productive.

stay active

But here things get interesting. According to one research report, both lazy person and active person experiences nearly same amount of pleasure and sorrow through life.

Just take a look at some of these remarks.

Who is more likely to have a better relationship with their friends and loved one, the active person or the lazy person?

The answer is both.

Who generally lives a healthier happier lifestyle?

The answer is both.

Who is more likely to achieve their goals in life?

Now this is the tricky one. People usually think active person is the successful person or person bound to be successful in future, and lazy person is a failure. But that’s not true. Although lazy person don’t like to respond at very moment, they don’t stay passive all the time. And same is the case with active person. With right planning lazy person can achieve its life goal. And with reckless action active person can become failure.

So it’s doesn’t really matter if you are lazy person or active person. The only thing matter is your will to succeed in life.

So in life either stay lazy or stay active, but always stay passionate to succeed.

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