Is ‘Think Positive Stay Positive’ Really Works? Think Positive Stay Positive

hot porn stash In recent years new boom of positive lifestyle is taking over the world. People who don’t know anything about positive thinking still trying to adopt it as it is. If you ask any one of them they probably gonna answer, “we just think positive stay positive” or something like that. Honestly they are not completely wrong. It’s better to be a positive person than negative one. But real question lies at what extend you prefer to stay positive?

source site If tomorrow 23 people dies in road accident, will you still prefer to stay positive about it by saying “well 2 people survive that, that’s relief”?

I am not trying to be cynical here, but real positive psychology is not concerned with the self-indulgent pursuit of pleasure. It treats the person’s ego and self are one and the same.

Positive psychology is not just a lifestyle it is more than that. It is a philosophical concept which believes human beings are more than their petty selfish desires and life. It helps us understand world with true vision and intimacy.

Sure for regular person like us it sound like cool Sage or Jedi kind of stuff, but mind well it is not easy to adapt. Positive psychology doesn’t make your problems or struggles go away, but it increases your desire to devote yourselves to living in the present moment in a balanced way.

And here is where problem starts.

Think Positive Stay Positive

Positive psychology is way of living life with no attachment and expectation from mortal world without losing humanity. And now a day’s people confuses it with positive thinking who’s modern age definition is just go nuts with positivity. The real positive thinking definition is healthy thinking or balanced thinking. But today people mudded it by being positive in every situation.

There is no defined or clear way to adopt pure positive thinking or positive psychology, but never the less if you just look and respond to present situation smartly you ultimately become one.

So don’t just think positive stay positive, instead stay smart stay positive.



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