How to Live a Life?

enter site stay active Except for few people, nobody really likes to sit around all day in one place. It’s just boring and annoying. If you disagree to it, then this blog is for you. And no! I am not of age of your grandpa or grandma for say. Neither do I am saying there is anything wrong in living indoor lifestyle (up to certain extend).  I am wanted to share my view on….

best online casino play for fun How to live a life? Ideally of course.

You can ask anyone. Most of the best memories you could ever make or have are when you stay active with your friends outside. Now you might say, “Yeah, well we play ‘Call of duty’ together all the time! And guess what, it’s more fun that whatever you are saying about wilderness”. I won’t completely deny that, but neither do I agree to it totally. And here are my reasons for that.

stay active

First of all, No matter how much we play those video games, watch anime or Netflix series, deep down we all want to have those muscle and physical like those characters have. And you are not going to get those by seating on couch sipping fruit juice.

Secondly, nearly in every movie and TV series group of people go to Hawaii or Bahamas now and then, to enjoy and have fun. While watching that, you wish to have those experiences too (and sometime you even curse god for not giving you that opportunity). Sure not Hawaii or Bahamas exactly, but when your friends asked you to join them for trek last time, why you said no to that?

Third and lastly, how could you ever possibly going to get into relationship, when you don’t really know anything about real world and people? Now don’t lie to yourself, you know when it comes to talking with stranger, you find yourself cornered and you just chocked. And if you are thinking it’s because you are different and better than everyone else (like that guy from ‘A Beautiful Mind’), then that’s not true, believe me.

Now all of these said is not to insult you or mock you, but consider it’s a wakeup call.

Sure you may find it unpleasant, annoying and quite disturbing too.

But believe me it’s all true.

So stay active! Stay happy!!

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