How to Find New Hopes?

New Hopes

It’s been observed that when animals are subjected to difficult situations which they can’t control, they stop trying to escape. They become passive and accept their fate. We human are not any different than animals. When we experience devastating defeats, a persistent situation that we couldn’t change, or experienced a terrifying situation that we could not control our exposure to, then we usually lose hope to change our life or to change painful situations.

When you have no hope, you just want to lay down soak in pain. You think like, what’s the use in reaching out to meet people? I am sure I will be rejected, or why bother exercising or volunteering, it won’t really make a difference.

You don’t want to risk the pain of further disappointment by even trying. As per experts, if you live like that for long time, you will remain lonely, depressed and anxious forever.

There are many ways to find new hopes again. But it requires your willingness and determination. You should know that, accepting a change is not easy thing to do; it has multiple ups and downs, and requires motivation and commitment. But in the end it’s worth it.

1.  Set a goal and plan accordingly

If you want to change yourself then you should have a goal and a plan. Being able to see how the steps you are taking will lead to desired change is critical to having hope. So take your time, there is no need to rush it. Make sure your goals and plans are relevant and logical. So usually it’s better to start with small things. In that way when you accomplish it, you start to gain confidence and start to see new hopes again.

2.  Try to become self dependent

When you are in despair, the first thing you lose is confidence. To regain your confidence you have to give up your dependency on other. So try to make your bed, cook dinner, get a job etc. Taking this steps helps you realize that you still worth something. Keep doing it and then try to add more actions. Overcoming the inertia of helplessness can help you build hope.

3.  Look for role models

New Hopes

We all idealize successful people. Because we want to be like them. And before we know, in some ways we start following them. So find people who have overcame tremendous adversity and start looking them as an inspiration. Reading their stories and surrounding yourself with supportive messages and people can help you build hope.

4.  Try to help others

Doing acts of kindness can have a dramatic effect on your mood and outlook. Kindness triggers the release of serotonin, so it has an anti-depressant effect. It also calms stress and helps reduce pain.

Once you start doing this, you will find your own new ways to succeed. In the end all you need is persistency and dedication to make a change. So keep doing it till you win.

Best of Luck!!!


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