How is Your New Year Resolution Working Out?

how to get viagra without a doctor in india ways to stay active And here we are!!! Although for most of us it’s wasn’t much surprise as expected. Now what I am babbling about you said? Well its 31st Jan!! An end of first month of new year. And all your dedication and commitment to new year’s resolution are flushed down with it.

source link Now don’t laugh. I don’t want to come out as your mommy here, but this is not something you should be blindsiding so easily.  This present procrastinating attitude of yours might seem harmless now, but as study shows over the period of time it transform into habit and cost you big in future.

go Still don’t believe me. Let me give you ‘human psychology 101’ here.

“Your brilliance is directly proportional to your will power”.

Now honestly this shouldn’t comes as surprise, because like we all knows, A good athlete is always get know for his/her dedication.

ways to stay active

Like when we work in office or school our goal is always to complete the given task successfully in given amount of time and get out. Because 99% of times we don’t enjoy them and just want to complete them for sake.  And if you try to remember, the first 15 min of any unpleasant work are annoying, because in that period our brain takes time to adjust with new scenario. Once we adopt it, our brain starts running like Usain Bolts. In that phase you throw whatever problems at it, you will get best possible answer.

Now if you start procrastinating things you don’t like to do, you are basically asking your brain to just seat around and do nothing. And like a knife if you don’t hone your brain time to time, over the period of time it will become dull and useless. And I don’t have to tell you what that means.

I am not saying you should always honor your words or commitment like a straight arrow, but at least try to follow through.

What matters is how far you can go without giving up. Longer it is better the person you become.

These are the best ways to stay active.

So good luck!!!

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