Extroverts vs Introverts

loneliness and depression

From centuries we have come to see extroverts as dazzling, showstopper people and introverts as loner or creeps. But that’s not all true. Psychology says, while extroverts approach more powerfully to the external world and activities. Introverts are the people who preferred to live in their internal world of thoughts, feelings and fantasies. So loneliness and depression has nothing to do with introversion.

Today, we may like, prefer and value extroversion more than anything. But historically, it is the introvert who has been seen as the more mature, deep-thinking and gifted individual. Epictetus, the stoic Greek philosopher, famously observed that, as we had two ears but only one tongue, so we should spend twice as much time listening as talking. Three centuries earlier, Epicurus had said that we should ‘live in secret’, withdraw from the excesses of city life and enjoy a few profound friendships, the classic introvert behavior.

Looking at extrovert’s nature, it’s no surprise that they are high-maintenance friend, who needs constant feedback and attention. Because their overall confidence and performance depends on it. But that’s not the case with introverts, as they are not so much interested in outside world. So it doesn’t matter to them. An introvert can happily go through life without very much feedback at all. To them it’s just any another day.

loneliness & depression

That doesn’t mean introverts are necessarily be shy. As like loneliness and depression, shyness is totally different psychological condition. It just introverts find social situations unnecessary, draining and struggling people with small talk.

But this doesn’t mean that, they can afford to shut themselves off from rest of the world, all the time. In order to meet people and form relationships or to earn a living, it is necessary to function well with others.

So to perform well in those tasks, every introvert needs to practice social skills in pretty similar manners as we practice it for presentation, interview, etc. In the end of the day it’s worth it.

Because a lot of what we perceive as extrovert behavior is often just masking.

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