Disadvantages of Laziness

stay active

Active evil is better than passive good. – William Blake

When you first hear this, you surly think “what is wrong with William Blake? Why stay active when there is no need of it?” But let me tell you, he is not wrong. In fact it’s scientifically proved fact, which we all have to accept, to avoid inevitable doom of our spices. There are lots many terrible disadvantages of laziness present, which many people are not aware of.

We humans are designed to be active, not to stay still. Millions of years hunting, farming and intense manual labor have shaped our bodies and minds to their current optimum form.

But today we have found ourselves in an era, where activeness has become redundant.

Science and technology have undoubtedly made our lives easier and lazy.

Recent report shows, today more than 45% population is living lazy, slothful and sedentary lives. Ironically more than half of them are okay with it, without any regrets.

Today inactivity in children is rising in alarming rate, leading them to obesity and harming their physical and mental growth.

stay active

On the other hand inactivity among working adults is leading to increase time off work and decreasing productivity.

To this, most people blame lack of time for not being active, which is ironic because, on an average they waste more than three to four hours a day watching television and cat videos on internet.

But here, we are not only one to get blamed for. It’s our society who has approved this culture to be okay, and we follows it like sheep follows it herd without thinking.

Whether slim or fat, a person leading such sedentary lifestyle has similar chances of dying young to a heavy smoker.

Today sedentary living is the most prevalent disease, biggest silent killer and greatest health threat to the entire world.

So it’s high time we should accept the problem and start taking right steps to avoid it.

Only creating awareness and understanding in everyone will not be enough.

To fight this crisis, we all need to show honest dedication, patience and will power.

So stay strong, stay active.

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