Common Habits Found in Creative People

stay active

The recent research suggests every single person in this world has enough potential to change the world. If people decide and stay active for long enough, they can shape the world as per their wishes. No doubt we all are special in our ways. So what is holding us back?

What’s make us any different from rest of greatest minds of history like Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla and others?

That’s why I have done some digging and found out some of the common habits found in creative people, hoping that may be there is the answer lies. Lets see them one by one.

Stay fresh all the time

All great minds put lots of effort to stay fresh and energetic all the time. In order to achieve something, you need to stay creative, healthy and motivated. So many of creative people allocate some time of their day for exercise. Like Nikola Tesla used to go on daily walk for 3 km. Your exercise doesn’t has to be rigorous. Study shows even daily simple exercise can bring lots of physical and mental benefits to you.

stay active

Always schedule their day

You can’t change the world, when you can’t even change the date on calendar on time. Discipline is important in life. All successful people always schedule their day before hand and try to follow it through. They make sure they are getting their work done on time and try to maintain it that way. You can’t achieve anything in life with casual approach, so make sure you add some self discipline in yourself.

Have a day job

Creativity flourishes when it has no restrictions. Throughout history all famous creations has been created only and only to satisfy creator’s interest. When you create something for yourself, you don’t care what other will think of it, in that way you bring your creation in best of its from.

But when your livelihood depends upon you creation things change. That’s why many successful people regularly kept hold of their day job, before they became successful. Like famous book writer Stephen King, who was a schoolteacher, musician Philip Glass, who worked as a plumber, even Albert Einstein used to work in the patent office as an assistant examiner.

Sure that sucks, but it does provide you financial security and freedom to pursue your dream freely.

The road to success is never been easy for anyone but as long as your heart is still beating and you have will to succeed, you can find a way to come up with new ideas and execute them. Sure they may not always be best ones, but the greatest enemy of creativity is inactivity.

So stay active !! stay creative !!!

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