Christmas – Sign of New Hopes

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african goddess teen Christmas!!! It’s really a week of miracle and wonder.  It been a long time since I wrote my last article. But this morning something special happened. When I woke up I felt amazing, like feeling you feel after completing worm up.  I felt like a new hopes are calling me and next second I literally got pull out of bed and start writing this blog. So without rambling and boring you out here are my thought why nearly half of the world knowingly or unknowingly eagerly waits for the Christmas every year.

follow A Christian holiday is for honoring the birth of Jesus Christ, (sure we all know that).  Over nearly for two millennia Christmas evolved into a worldwide religious and secular celebration, incorporating many pagan traditions, pre-Christian and other more into the festivities along the way. Today, Christmas is a time for friends and family to get together and exchange gifts.

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But still like me many you find that’s not Christmas is all about. Sure celebration and gifts exchange is good gesture but Christmas is not get complete only with that.

Christmas is about new hopes, new opportunities and bringing new faith in life. It’s about encouraging those who lost in despair. It’s about motivating those who are about to give up. It’s about reminding everyone there is still truth and positivism present in the world.

Sure some of you find this just a big talk and nothing more. Then I would like to remind you your childhood Christmas. No matter how too cool for Christmas you thought you were and always behaved like a jerk around your parents and relative in Christmas days, but deep down you always cherished it and always enjoyed those 7 magical days with splendid party in the end. If that’s not enough, just try to remember the first day of the year. There is something truly magical in the air that time. No matter what phase of life you are going through, for a moment you feel peaceful, motivated and more importantly hopeful about future.

So don’t treat Christmas like any other day. Deep down you want it, no….you need it more than anything…. like a new hope.

Because Christmas is not just a festival.

It’s a manifestation of New Hopes!!!

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