Can We Live Without Hope?

New Hopes

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible.” ~ Christopher Reeve

Sure it’s true. Hope is the elixir of human life. We all live, with or without knowledge that we are hoping for a better day, better tomorrow.

Is there any life without new hopes?

Is it possible to continue living without any hopes?

Honestly I think, you can’t. Nobody can. Though sometime we think that we aren’t hopeful, in reality, we are, in more than one ways. We just don’t see it those times, that’s all.

Every businessman purchases goods hoping that he can sell it and make profits.

Every farmer hopes that it will rain and he will have a good yield.

Even every parent hopes for their child to grow into tomorrow’s successful person.

New Hopes

Human lives are sustained on the rays of hope. But we usually deny to accept it. We dismiss the uncountable miracles that happen every single moment and choose to turn our backs to them. This led us to depression and despair.

Now this led me thinking, the question is not whether we can live without hope or not? The real question is, for how long one can live without hope?

Because life without new hopes is just a slow death. It’s like someone steadily pushing a poisonous knife through your chest into your heart. Yes, that feeling will be dormant and you will feel you are dead inside, only be waiting for final stroke.

But as you still reading this article proves that, that’s not going to be the case ever happening with you.

Because it shows that, there is still some hope in you.

So no matter how much you try, you will find it in you someday. You may have buried it deep, thinking that there is no point to hope anymore, but ironically you are unknowingly just hoping to get courage to accept it again.

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