Can We have More than One Purpose in Life?

Purpose in Life

Our purpose in life is the thing which gives us meaning. It’s a reason we exist. Many people wait for life time to find their true purpose in life. But is it possible to have more than one purpose in life?

When same question was asked to renown American model Gigi Hadid, she said, “I’ve learned that if I only put my mind to one thing that I can get tunnel vision. Then I may not be as open to other opportunities because I’m so focused on one thing. I think what’s worked better for me personally is I have three goals every day.”

Many of us struggle to find our life goals because we try to find that one thing that we are meant to do; but trying to find only one thing is the reason why we feel like something is missing. It’s like choosing only one particular type of meal for rest of life. The idea that allow only one thing meant to focus, limits everyone from living their lives freely. Like why can’t be one person is good painter, dancer, writer, etc? If things you do makes you happy and you are truly passionate for them, then you can keep working on them for rest of your life, without any trouble. That’s the whole point of following purpose in your life.

Purpose in life


Happiness + Passion = Purpose in life

So if you still don’t know what your purpose in life is, then just follow your passion; your purpose in life will itself find its way to you.

Your heart is your best tool to access your true purpose and passion. So start asking yourself, what you like? What you love? What you want to be? And then start taking steps according to it. When you are happy and motivated, you unknowingly start following your dreams and finding ways to achieve them.

So forget about finding purpose in life for a moment and start enjoying the journey of your awesome life.

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