Benefits of Silence and Solitude

loneliness and depression

Today we live in a world which emphasizes on reckless actions rather than thoughtful planning. And as expected, it’s only leads to disappointment, loneliness and depression.

Study show today an average human being only uses 2% of its brain in whole life. Which is alarming and depressing at same time. Ironically, if we start using 4-5% of our brain, we will become next Albert Einstein or Nicolas Tesla.

So how can we improve our self?

The answer is silence and solitude.

With silence and solitude, we make room for the self-awareness to be in control of our actions, rather than under their control. It’s break us from external voices and puts us in tune to our inner voices. Which creates awareness and leads to control.

Here are 5 benefits of silence and solitude.

1. Give us break from life
Silence and solitude gives us break from the daily routine and life. It helps us to understand and focus on our self.

2. Help us to resolves our issues and worries
Silence and solitude helps us to think straight. It’s help us to concentrate on our problems like never before. It help us to remove unnecessary details and information from mind and only focus on things that matters. With proper silence and solitude you can solve any problem with most efficiency.

loneliness and depression

3. Improves Memory
Combining silence and solitude with a walk in nature causes brain growth in the hippocampus region, resulting in better memory.

4. Strengthens Intention and Action
During silence, the mind is best able to cultivate a form of mindful intention that later motivates us to take action.

5. Help us to find peace
While practicing silence and solitude you will encounter number of unresolved emotional traumas, pains within you. And by understanding them, you find right solution for them. In this way you can find inner peace.

People always confuse loneliness and depression with silence and solitude practices. But they are two different things. Loneliness and depression is related to clinical sickness. On other hand silence and solitude practices are scientifically approved ways of self development.

So do practice silence and solitude. We are not talking about life time of silence and solitude here. Because it’s impossible and ill logical. But everyday spend 30 to 60 minutes to practice silence and solitude.

Because it’s worth it.

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